Huion H320M

Innovative graphics tablet, whose design of which stimulates creativity when used as a graphics tablet as well as a writing tablet.

Creative and handy

The H320M has two screens, one for drawing and one for writing. It is very thin (9 mm) and light (450 g). The work comfort is increased thanks to a large working area measuring 10.2×6.2 inches. H320M was created in two colour variations – Black Quartz and Red Coral.


Non-slip feet

Four non-slip rubber feet attached to the LCD not only ensure stability, but also leave a gap between the tablet and your desktop, which prevents LCD scratching when using the device.


Addictive drawing

Press the pen lightly and then firmly to see differences in line thickness, thanks to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a ±60° pen tilt recognition.

Low power consumption

The CR2025 battery supplied with the tablet can support the clear-all button on the writing tablet screen for 1-2 years.

Efficiency in one hand

Customize the buttons of the PW100 battery-free pen holder to further increase your productivity.



A phone or a digital canvas?

When you connect the H320M to an Android device and run the drawing application on your phone, it turns into a digital canvas.

Convenient connection

The reliable type-C interface ensures easy and fast connection, further optimizing your user experience. The Inspiroy H320M supports 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° rotations, so that both left-handed and right-handed people can reach their peak performance.

Connection versatility

The H320M is compatible with Windows, macOS and Android operating systems, as well as mainstream design software.

Technical data

Workspace (H x V)
Tryb komputer 259.2 x 157.4mm Tryb telefon 142.9 x 89.3mm
Pen pressure level
5080 LPI
Reading speed
Windows 7 i późniejsze, macOS 10.12 i późniejsze, Android 6.0 i późniejsze
305.4 x 179.6 x 9mm
Net weight