Huion L4S LED Light Pad

One of the simplest models from the Huion Light Box family. It is wireless and USB/lithium-battery powered, so you can enjoy the convenience of working anywhere. It is super thin (just 0.31 inches) and weighs 0.32 ounces. Thanks to its compact build you are now free to escape the confined spaces.

The backlight adjustment is smooth and not step-by-step. After restarting the light box remembers the last backlight setting and returns to the last used configuration.
It follows the dimensions of an A4 paper sheet and the acrylic surface mimics the feeling of a glass panel. With super-bright LED lamps inside, the light pad provides maximum brightness of 1500 lux which can be seen even through very thick paper.
The pad is designed for everyone, both amateurs and professionals. It does not cause eye fatigue, making it perfect for sketching, drawing, animation, calligraphy or designing tattoos.


Simple to use

The pad does not require any software. Just plug it into a power outlet and start working.
Application examples:
1) Professional copying when creating animations in the traditional way
2) Designing tattoos, redrawing tailoring or utility designs
3) Professional redrawing in architecture and interior design.
4) Viewing X-rays in medical facilities
In the box:
1) Huion L4S light box
2) Power supply
3) User manual
4) Paper clip

Technical data

Workspace (H x V)
310 x 210mm
360 x 270 x 5,1mm