PW517 passive pen

Pen / PW517 passive pen (for Kamvas 13/22/22Plus/Pro24)

No power needed

Forget about charging your pen or changing batteries. This extremely comfortable and precise passive pen, covered with soft rubber at the bottom, greatly affects the comfort of your work with Huion’s biggest graphics tablets.


The product is compatible only with Huion products such as:
– Kamvas 12
– Kamvas 13
– Kamvas 16 (2021)
– Kamvas 22
– Kamvas 22 Plus
– Kamvas Pro 24


– the ability to customize the two buttons at the bottom of the pen shaft
– soft rubber at the bottom of the pen shaft
– durable stylus
– resolution: 5080 LPI
– pressure sensitivity: 8192 steps
– reaction speed: 266 PPS

In the box

– PW517 pen
– Interchangeable tips (PN05A)
– a clip for tip replacement