Huion Inspiroy RTS-300

Immediate response to your ideas!
Cool or cute, just choose your favourite color.
The RTS-300 pen tablet is trendy, compact and lightweight. Available in two colours, Space Black and Pink, the tablet meets the needs of even more users.

Express yourself on this paper-like panel

The design of the RTS-300 cover panel allowed us to create a compact tablet with sufficient working area, and the paper-like surface with a dotted texture provides a pen-on-paper drawing experience.


Customizable buttons for better performance

In the top part of the panel, there are six programmable buttons for both right- and left-handed users, who can streamline their one-handed work. Users can define their most frequently used hotkeys to increase work efficiency.


A new digital pen to bring your creativity to life

The battery-free PW400 digital pen with a completely new design provides a comfortable grip, and the advanced pen technology makes drawing with the PW400 as natural as with a real pencil. The reaction speed has been increased to 300PPS.

USB-C port for mobile drawing

The USB-C port on the RTM-500 not only supports connection to a computer, but also to an Android phone or tablet, allowing users to quickly switch to work mode.

* Android 6.0 or later is supported, iOS is not currently supported.

Small yet very compatible

The RTS-300 measures 200x163x8.35 mm and weighs 229 g, which makes it a super-handy tablet. You can use it connected to your PC or smartphone.