Huion LA3 LED Light Pad

In the latest LA3 model, Huion has updated the USB to version A3. Using the USB cable, you can connect it however you want – to a computer, an adapter or a power bank. We also changed the USB cable from Mini-USB to the more stable Micro-USB (5V).

The super-bright lighting

The super-bright lighting is brighter than on our previous drawing board models. Now you can pile more thick paper on top and just enjoy your work. Besides, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to worry about the heat issue even though the brightness level is improved.

The light box comes with a touch button that is very easy to use. Just touch the button, then you can turn the power on or off and adjust the brightness to your liking. The backlight adjustment is smooth and not step-by-step. After restarting the light box remembers the last backlight setting and returns to the last used configuration.


Moreover, in order to avoid accidentally pressing the touch button, the touch button is slightly depressed into the surface.
The last change is moving the rules outside the active area, enabling you to save more backlit areas.
With its compact and elegant design, the Huion LED Light Box is one of the thinnest illuminated drawing boards with thickness of only 7.8 mm, the working area dimensions of ​​415×330 mm, and the backlight brightness of 770 cd/m2.

Simple to use

The pad does not require any software. Just plug it into a power outlet and start working.
Application examples:
1) Professional copying when creating animations in the traditional way
2) Designing tattoos, redrawing tailoring or utility designs
3) Professional redrawing in architecture and interior design.
4) Viewing X-rays in medical facilities
In the box:
1) Huion LA3 Light box
2) Power supply
3) User manual
4) Paper clip