Huion Inspiroy RTP 700

Two classic colours, Twilight Blue and Cosmos Black, provide a sense of uniqueness. The thickness of 8.5 mm and the weight of 637 g make the tablet light and easy to carry. That is why it is such a great drawing partner on the go.

Digital drawing has just got more natural

As a new product that uses a fully coated panel with the printed dot grid, the RTP-700 tablet enables users to easily define the work area. Additionally, the material making up the panel imitates paper texture, providing a natural and comfortable pen-on-paper drawing experience.


A new figital pen to bring your creativity to life

The battery-free PW400 digital pen with a completely new design provides a comfortable grip, and the advanced pen technology makes drawing with the PW400 as natural as with a real pencil. The reaction speed has been increased to 300PPS.


Subtle detail reproduction

Thanks to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the RTP-700 tablet reproduces lines and strokes of varying saturation and width in an authentic and natural way. Additionally, ±60° tilt support enables the user to add more dynamic shadows.


Capture every stroke, no matter how fast you draw

With a reporting rate up to 300PPS, ideas will flow smoothly between the panel and the pen nib, and the drawing will be accurately reproduced without any delay, which better meets the needs of professional creators.

High efficiency thanks to the touch-sensitive buttons

6 programmable touch keys and a touch bar allow you to work faster and can be customized to your favourite keyboard shortcuts for the popular apps and software.

USB-C port for mobile drawing

The USB-C port allows you to easily and quickly connect the device, regardless of the plug orientation.

Increase your productivity with the RTP-700

Work on the computer and on your smartphone screen.

Work as you like

The tablet is suitable for both right- and left-handed people.

Technical data

Workspace (H x V)
Tryb komputer 279,4x174,6 11x66875inch Tryb telefon 98,2x174,6
Pen pressure level
5080 LPI
Reading speed
Windows 7 i późniejsze, macOS 10.12 i późniejsze, Android 6.0 i późniejsze
Net weight
Pen model