Huion H430P

You can easily connect the phone to the tablet with the OTG port. Only mobile phones and tablets with Android 6.0 or later are supported.

More control over OSU!

The H430P will be the perfect tablet to play OSU! The active area measuring 4.8×3 inches allows you to gain more control over the pace and precision of the game. More points and more fun!

No recharging required

The new battery-free pen is easy to use and does not need to be recharged. Never again will you have to worry that the pen has run out of power while playing or working.

Detachable USB cable

The use of a detachable USB cable helps to extend its lifetime and makes it even easier to transport the tablet. And if the cable is damaged, it’s easy to replace it with a new one.


Higher sensivity

The H430P doubles its original pressure sensitivity from 2,048 to 4,096 levels, making it more accurate whether you are gaming or working.

4 customizable buttons

They can be customized to undo, pick a brush, paste, etc. They are designed to increase your productivity at work.

Portable and convenient

The H430P measures only 186.6×139.2 mm and weighs just 135 g. It is super-light and compact. You can easily take it with you and use it anywhere.


Many posibilities

Apart from being the perfect companion in OSU!, the H430P is great for drawing for beginners. It can also successfully replace the mouse, and helps during video editing, adding digital signatures, etc.


Compatible with Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later.

Also compatible with all mainstream digital graphics software.

In the box:

KAMVAS H430P graphics tablet
USB cable
Battery-free pen
8 pen tips
Tool for tip replacement
User manual


Technical data

Workspace (H x V)
121.9 x 76.2mm
Pen pressure level
5080 LPI
Reading speed
Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later