Huion Inspiroy H580X

As a special edition to celebrate Huion’s 10th anniversary, this pen tablet largely represents Huion’s original aspirations. From its appearance to performance, the tablet exceeds users’ expectations and allows creativity to flow freely.

Balance between beauty and practicality

Be amazed by the classic and trendy design. The H580X is sleek, neat and compact, with just 8 mm of thickness and 343 g of weight. The ingenious design enables users to discover their individuality and nature with this fashionable tablet.


Create more with fewer restrictions

With a workspace that takes up 74% of the tablet’s surface, the H580X not only provides ample space to unleash your creativity, but also saves space on your desk.

Better performance with buttons

The 8 buttons on the left side of the panel allow users to work in a more dynamic way by assigning different functions to the buttons. Additionally, users can carry out a specific function continuously by holding down the appropriate key.

Pen-on-paper drawing experience

The fully covered panel together with the paper-like finish bring the drawing experience to a new level. Writing and drawing on this tablet is as natural as it is on paper.

Create with a better pen

One of the most popular battery-free digital pens manufactured by Huion, PW100 is characterized by accuracy, stability and smoothness of drawing, so that users can a professional and reliable device.

Fast connections thanks to the reliable USB-C port

The damage-resistant USB-C port that supports reverse insertion, provides users with greater convenience when connecting the tablet to computers or phones.