Huion HS611

3 colour versions distinguish the HS611 from other devices and offer greater individuality and trendy look: Coral Red (colour of the year 2019 according to Pantone), Starry Blue, Space Gray

8 multimedia and function keys (music control! – combination of multimedia and creation) – HS611 is the first tablet that offers the ability to control background music and switch between applications [volume control, mute, play, pause, next track, previous track, switch between programs (alt+tab), show desktop]

– Touch bar (zoom in and out) with the possibility of customizing with other functions
– The PW500 stylus works does not need a battery and has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity as weel as the ability to tilt of up to 60° – so you can draw each line exactly as you want. The tablet can detect the pen up to 1 cm above the work surface.
– 10 programmable pressure keys will make your work easier and increase your efficiency (activity automation, keyboard shortcuts)
– ability to connect with Android operating system


Perfect functionality

The multimedia bar on the HS611 gives you the ability to control background music volume and easily switch between active programs, without interrupting your workflow, thus allowing you to dive into the work environment.

Technical data:

Ultra-light and thin
– 7.3 mm thick – ultra-thin and smooth (slim and sleek)
– 550 grams of weight – mobility, ability to work outside (Android)
– Work area – 25.8×16.1 cm (10×6 inches)
– Dimensions – 33.3×21.8 cm
– Resolution 5080 LPI
– Input – USB-C
– Stylus holder (loop, strap)
– Huion Sketch app available for Android devices (6.0+)

– Windows 7 and later
– Mac OS 10.12 and later
– Android 6.0 and later

In the box:
– HS611 graphics tablet
– PW500 stylus + 8 spare pen tips
– Pen stand + tip holder
– USB-C cable + OTG adapter (USB-C and Micro-USB)
– Quick start guide

Supported software:
– PaintShop
– Adobe Ilustrator
– Light Room
– SketchBook
– Gimp