Inspiroy Keydial KD200

The industry’s first Bluetooth 5.0 pen tablet that creatively combines a tablet with a keyboard and a rotary controller.

A moment of glory

Since its launch, the KD200 has won numerous international design awards, such as the iF Design Award in Germany, the Golden Dot Award in Taiwan, the Good Design Award in Japan, and the Red Star Award in China. These awards are not only a distinction. They also prove that the design, concept, appearance and practicality of the KD200 have been highly rated by international institutions and professional designers.


The keyboard and the rotary controller

A pen tablet, a keyboard and a rotary controller together create a high-performance design studio for creative workers. It is equipped with the most commonly used key combinations, and no additional keyboard is required. Enjoy the smooth operation from the first stroke.

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 for increased productivity

The KD200, which boasts the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology, not only enables greater communication range and faster data transfer, but also enables easier connections with computers, phones and tablets, helping to increase user productivity.
* Bluetooth receiver is suggested for connection with computers running Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 32-bit operating system.


Drawing on the go is more convenient than you thought

The KD200’s keyboard and rotary controller free users from the PC keyboard and provide more flexibility of creation. Whether you are at home or on the go, you can enjoy drawing in the most comfortable position.


Convenient and natural drawing

Powered by the PenTech3.0 technology, the PW517 battery-free digital pen provides natural and accurate drawing experience. In addition, the silicone-covered anti-friction handle helps reduce hand fatigue after a whole day of drawing.

Each stroke fits tightly against the pen tip

Thanks to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a reporting rate of >220PPS, event the subtlest changes in your movement while drawing or painting can be accurately captured on the KD200 with no delay.

Tilt to add some vivid shading

Thanks to the unique tilt compensation algorithm developed by Huion, the KD200 can accurately sense the tip position and pressure even if the pen is tilted up to 60°. Therefore, users can just tilt the pen and add vivid shading without having to adjust the brush in the software from time to time.

Feel the paper-like texture

Manufactured with a paper-like finish, the KD200 texture sheet is scratch- and fingerprint-resistant. Writing on it feels like writing on paper because of the friction the digital pen encounters as it moves across the surface of the KD200.

Freat battery life

The KD200 can be charged using a 5V 0.5A or a 5V 1A power supply. After 1.2 hours of charging the tablet battery is full and you can enjoy 18 hours of work.

Perfect compatibility

The KD200 works smoothly with Windows, macOS and Android devices, and supports the mainstream design and drawing software of various kinds.

Technical data

Workspace (H x V)
Tryb komputer 226x142,88mm 8,9x5,6 inch Tryb telefon 142,88x80,37mm
Pen pressure level
Windows 7/8/8.1 (kabel i adapter); Windows 10 64bit (Bluetooth); macOS 10,12 lub nowszy; Android 6.0 lub nowszy
Net weight